Sustainable Seas
Keeping our oceans beautiful.

Our Planets oceans are beautiful places. While we've only had the plesure of exploring 5% of it, from what we've seen there are many facinating creatures and environments. With that said there are major Issues in the waters that is causing major damage.

An octopus
Intellegent Sealife
The Octopus

Fun Fact: Octopuses are the smartest invertibrates, being able to learn complex skills short after birth!

A lionfish
Powerful Creatures
The Lionfish

Lion fish are gorgeous, but poisionus ocean animals.

A sea turtle
Graceful Swimmers
Sea Turtles

Sea turtles glide gracefully through the waters

It's almost other worldly how amazing these creatures are!

Dangerous Waters
People, Pollution, Plastic.


Hot Issue

Pollution is one of the biggest problems with not only our oceans, but the land and air too. There are at least 363,762,732,605 pounds of plastic pollution in the world's oceans alone. That's the weight of 24,250,848 Elephants! Plastic pollution is what negatively effects the oceans the most. There are several reasons why plastic is such a big issue. Plastic:

  • Kills Animals
  • Litters the Earth
  • Is Non-Biodegradable
  • Blocks Dains
  • Releases Toxens when Burned
  • Pollutes Soil
  • Requires Petroleum to be produced
  • Is Hazardus to Children

These things are not to be taken lightly. Pollution has become one of the main causes for extinction. 40% of the oceans are made of plastic waste, we've lost 1/3 of the fist population because of over fishing and pollution, and scientists estimate that every marine animal has consumed plastic one way or another. Taking action twards lessening these negative effects is something everyone can do!

Taking Action
How YOU can help :)

Solutions: Taking Action!

Humans have alredy been making some progress twards cleaning up our mess. Even you can help contribute, even if it seems like something small. Some ways to help are: