The Web Design program is located on the Tidewater Community College campus at the Advanced Technology Center. It is a STEM based program that focuses on the interdisciplinary skills of creating responsive and visually appealing websites. This course is a two year, six credit program offered to students from grades 9-12.

Students will learn the lastest design principles and utilize them in web applications. They'll develop and utulize knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, and libraries such as Bootstrap5. Web design tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and more are used in various units to enchance creative skill knowledge. Future Business Leaders of America is a student orginization that our students enjoy competing in every year. We give students the resources and time to prepare for various insudtry level certifications.

If you're unsure about web design, that's okay! Check out course info for detailed information to see what the program is all about. Mrs.Sargent would love to chat with you if you have any questions!