On this page you will find some resources that the two year Web Design program utilizes to help catalyze the development of responsive web design knowledge and skills.

W3 consortium

    World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a resource that is very relevant in the world of technology. W3C offers training courses for anything from network administration, or in our case responsive web design. The Advanced Technology Center offers to all students as a free resource. is a website that many of the students in the two year web design program use to catalyze their web design knowledge. On this site, you can learn about the different front and back end coding and programming languages. Due to it being a free to use resource, it is very useful for both students inside or outside of this program. is a resource that we utilize in the second year of the two year web design program. Bootstrap4 is a CSS library/framework that is used for making responsive websites. It is a resource where you can read up on different classes or implementations that you can use with bootstrap. Our formal bootstrap4 training comes from

Other Resources

Below are some of the books that we have access to in the two year web design program:

HTML5 and CSS3 Complete second edition

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 release CLASSROOM IN A BOOK The official training workbook from Adobe

A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript

JavaScript sixth edition By: Sasha Vodnik and Don Gosselin